CRR (Central Ring Road), Startup Facility No. 3 , News

On August 29, 2014, "RHW" SC announced the Open Bidding Process for the Right to Enter into a Concession Agreement on the Financing, Construction and Toll-Based Operation of Central Ring Road in Moscow Region. Startup Facility No. 3.

The Bidding Process is held according to Decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 874-r and No. 875-r dated May 22, 2014 On Entry into Concession Agreements in relation to CRR SF No. 3 and CRR SF No. 4.

The Public Procurement Notice is published on the official website of the Russian Federation under No. 290814/5327419/01 and on the website of "RHW" SC.

The Bidding Process will be held in two stages. Expressions of Interest will be received until October 31, 2014. The received Expressions of Interest will be examined, and prequalification results will be evaluated not later than on December 1, 2014. The Bid Proposals of the Bidders permitted to participate in the Bid by prequalification results shall be submitted until March 27, 2015. The Proposals shall be examined not later than on April 27, 2015.

The Concession Agreement shall be entered into not later than on December 21, 2015.

The total construction cost under the Concession Agreement shall be RUB 75,608,600,000 in prices of respective years, inclusive of VAT. The cost may be reduced by the Bid results. The contract type is a concession agreement. The Agreement Term shall be 30 years.

The initial maximum cost of the Major Grant shall be RUB 42,931,600,000, inclusive of VAT. The maximum Operation Payment shall be RUB 21,744,400,000, exclusive of VAT. The initial Investment Payment shall be RUB 108,274,000,000, exclusive of VAT.

The Concessionaire shall attract equity funds during the Motorway construction. The following state support stages are provided for the project implementation, i.e. the Major Grant at the Construction Stage and the Concessor payment at the object Operation Stage. The Concessor payment means the established annual payments for the Motorway accessibility for the users and compliance with the technical and operational indicators. The Concessor payment shall be made to the Concessionaire in order to ensure the proper transport and operating condition of the Motorway and compliance with the traffic safety requirements and to reimburse for the Concessionaire’s construction costs subject to return on the invested equity and borrowed capital.

The Concessor payment shall be paid to the Concessionaire after the Motorway commissioning.

Under the Agreement "RHW" SC ensures the construction site preparation, inter alia, updating of technical specifications and other documents, utilities relocation and immovable property demolition at land plots. The alignment has been approved by all municipal entities the territories whereof will be crossed by the new Motorway and included in the Moscow Region Planning Scheme.

The ownership right to the Motorway belongs to the Concessor. The Concessor will grant to the Concessionaire rights to possess and use the Motorway until 2045.

The new Motorway operation shall be toll-based. The Operator rendering the toll collection services will be selected in the course of separate bidding selection by entering into a separate Agreement. This is because it is expedient to appoint one Operator for all Startup Facilities of Central Ring Road. Toll will be collected in favor of the Concessor (the Russian Federation represented by "RHW" SC) and will not be the subject matter of the Concession Agreement.

For reference only:

Startup Facility No. 3 will pass across the north-west of Moscow Region from intersection with M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg Expressway under construction to the intersection with M-7 Volga Motorway.

The Section beginning is at km 305 of CRR A-113, the end is at km 410 of the new Motorway.

This CRR Section will be in the territory of Solnechnogorsk, Dmitrovsk, Pushkino, Shchelkovo and Noginsk Districts and in Chernogolovka Urban District. The total Section length is 105.3 km. The estimated traffic density is 43.5 thousand vehicles per day as of 2030. The Motorway Class is 1A. The rated speed is 150 km/h. There are 4 traffic lanes (Construction Phase 1). The roadway width is 2 х 7.5 m. The median width is 6 m. The shoulders width is 3.75 m. The road base type is heavy-duty. The surface type is macadam and mastic asphalt concrete.

Bridgeworks are 55 units, including:

– 20 bridges

– 35 overpasses.

– 4 multilevel junctions.

* 6 main traffic lanes are provided with the roadway 2 x 11.25 m wide within the Second Construction Phase.