CRR (Central Ring Road), Startup Facility No. 3 , News

Having examined the submitted Expressions of Interest to participate in the Bidding Process, the Bid Committee for the Open Bidding Process for the Right to Enter into the Concession Agreement on Financing, Construction and Toll-Based Operation of Central Ring Road in Moscow Region, Startup Facility (Construction Stage) No. 3 evaluated the prequalification results at the meeting held on December 1, 2014.

Please note that Expressions of Interest were submitted by five companies:

1. Severo-Vostochnaya Magistral LLC (Main Road OJSC of Leader MC Group)

2. SOK 24 Russia LLC (VTB Group and Vinci Consortium)

3. Invest Finance LLC (Gazprombank JSC and PJSC Stroytransgaz Consortium)

4. Motor Road Construction Corporation LLC (AVTOBAN Road Building Company OJSC and Sacyr Concession Consortium)

5. Koltsevye Magistraly Stolitsy LLC (OOO Stroygazconsulting and Intertoll Infrastructure Developments B.V. Consortium)

The Bid Committee checked the Expressions of Interest and the Applicants for their compliance with the Federal Law On Concession Agreements and the Bid Documentation. At the meeting the Committee members voted on each Applicant whether or not it shall be declared the Bidder.

By the results of examination and check of the Expressions of Interest each of the five Applicants

was declared the Bidder.

Thus, the preliminary stage of the Bidding Process was completed. Further "RHW" SC will hold public consultations in order to give clarifications and receive proposals related to the draft Concession Agreement until March 27, 2015, i.e. until the date of expiry of the Bid Proposal submission term.

At the second selection stage the Bid Proposals shall be evaluated by the results of comparing proposals of companies under the following criteria: the Major Grant (budgetary financing at the Construction Stage) and the Concessor payment (the Operation and Investment Payments after the object commissioning).

The Bid results shall be evaluated not later than on April 27, 2015, the Concession Agreement shall be signed in December 2015.