The Motorway 105.3 km long forming Startup Facility No. 3 will be a part of the construction of Central Ring Road A-113 (CRR).

Startup Facility No. 3 involves construction of a CRR Section in the north-east of Moscow Region. This CRR Section begins at the intersection with M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg Expressway under construction and corresponds to km 305. SF No. 3 of CRR ends at the intersection with M-7 Volga Motorway.

From the point of view of ensuring the attractiveness for private investors, the project is characterized by low risk implementation, because it has an independent transport value: this Section of CRR starts and ends at the transport junctions arranged at the intersection with the existing federal motorways.

In respect of construction of SF (Startup Facility) No. 3 of Central Ring Road (the First Construction Phase) design and estimate documentation has been developed, on which the Approvals of the FAA (Federal Autonomous Agency) Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (No. 1075-10/GGE-6683/04 dated November 08, 2010 and No. 1078-10/GGE-6683/10 dated November 08, 2010) have been obtained.

The construction is financed using the federal budget subsides, funds of the National Welfare Fund of Russia and extra-budgetary sources of financing.

Solnechnogorsk, Dmitrovsk, Pushkino, Shchelkovo and Noginsk Districts and Chernogolovka Urban District
105,3 km
Motorway class:
Rated speed:
140 km/h
Number of traffic lanes:
4 (the First Construction Phase)
Общая стоимость строительства в рамках соглашения (в ценах соответствующих лет, с учетом НДС):
75,6 млрд ₽
Государственное финансирование:
до 57%
Тип контракта:
Концессионное соглашение по схеме контракта жизненного цикла
(с платой концедента):
Срок действия конкурса:
30 лет
Сроки проведения конкурса:
Сроки строительства:
CRR (Central Ring Road), Startup Facility No. 3

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