The Section km 517 — km 544 of the existing route of M-4 Don Motorway is located in the territory of N. Usman District of Voronezh Region and passes successively through human settlements: Nechaevka Village — 0.5 km, Novaya Usman Village — 5.2 km, Podkletnoe Village — 1.1 km, Rogachevka Village — 3.8 km.

Thus, the Section length within the bounds of the settlements is 10.6 km (40% of the route) with the speed limit of up to 60 km/h.

Moreover, in these settlements there are public transport stops, one-level pedestrian crossings, many service facilities, petrol stations, shops, warehouses, wholesale depots. The development is adjacent to the existing motorway. The Section of the Motorway under consideration drastically reduces the traffic capacity of the Motorway, speed and safety of traffic flow due to speed limit, while remaining a source of road accidents.

In these circumstances the need to construct the new M-4 Motorway Section at km 517 — km 544 is obvious.

Воронеж, Voronezh, Novousmanky District of Voronezh Region
29,15 km
Estimated traffic density*:
8 400 – 9 100 vehicles per day
Motorway Class:
Number of traffic lanes:
The total project cost (in prices of respective years, inclusive of VAT)::
17,3 bln ₽
State financing:
15,4 bln ₽
Private financing:
1,9 bln ₽
Contract type:
Long-Term Investment Agreement
Bid term:
23 years
Bidding Period:
Construction Dates:
* the first three years of toll-based operation
M-4 Don, km 517 — km 544

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