Section 6 (km 334 — km 543) of the Expressway passes across Tver Region (Vyshny Volochek and Bologoe Districts) and Novgorod Region (Okulovo, Malaya Vishera and Novgorod Districts). The Motorway 217.1 km long will be a part of the construction of the toll-based M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg Expressway, connecting the two largest metropolises of the country.

Design and estimate documentation for the Motorway has been developed. The Approvals of the FAA (Federal Autonomous Agency) Glavgosexpertiza of Russia No. 1075-12/GGE-4081/04 dated November 16, 2012 and No. 261-13/GGE-4081/10 dated April 04, 2013 regarding the design and estimate documentation, including validation of the estimated cost determination have been obtained.

Tver and Novgorod Regions
217,1 km
Estimated traffic density*:
15500 — 17000 vehicles per day
Motorway Class:
Number of traffic lanes:
The total project cost (in prices of respective years, inclusive of VAT)**:
148,35 bln ₽
The total construction cost under the Agreement (in prices of respective years, inclusive of VAT):
144,61 bln ₽
State financing:
128,65 bln ₽
Contractor’s Investments:
15,96 bln ₽
Contract type:
Long-Term Investment Agreement
Bid term:
27 years
Bidding Period:
Construction Dates:
* the first three years of toll-based operation
** including the Customer’s costs of RUB 3.74 bln.
M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg , Stage 6