M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg , Stage 4, News

On September 11, 2014, "RHW" SC announced the Open Bidding Process for the Right to Enter into a Long-Term Investment Agreement on the Financing, Construction and Toll-Based Operation of M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg Expressway at the Section km 208 — km 258 (Stage 4).

Under the Agreement the Contractor undertakes to prepare the site, construct M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg Motorway at the Section km 208 — km 258 and co-finance the project implementation by equity and borrowed funds.

After the Motorway commissioning the Contractor will perform its maintenance, repair and overhaul and have Motorway operation obligations.

The term for submitting the Expressions of Interest is until October 21, 2014 12:00 midday, Moscow time.

Bid results evaluation is scheduled for November 2014.

State financing of the object construction shall be not less than RUB 27.4 bln.

In order to ensure the proper Motorway operation the State Company shall make to the Contractor the maximum payment of not more than RUB 9.2 bln under the Agreement.

The maximum base inflation premium shall be 4.65% (this indicator is applied to calculate the Investment Payment that ensures the Contractor’s investment return).

The project cost parameters above are to be reduced during the Bidding Process.

The Contractor’s investment shall be RUB 5.18 bln and shall not be reduced during the Bidding Process.

The Agreement Term shall be 23 years.

The Bid Documentation is available on the procurement information website of the Russian Federation www.zakupki.gov.ru, the State Company’s official website www.russianhighways.ru and ETP (Electronic Trading Platform) www.etp-avtodor.ru.

The technical documentation is available on the State Company’s official website www.russianhighways.ru.