The Design Documentation establishes that the M-11 Stage 4 design section start shall be at km 209.8.
Stage of the Motorway 4 end is at km 257.7, inter alia, at the following sections:

Km 208.6 — km 217.8 passes across Kalinin District of Tver Region;
Km 217.8 — km 257.7 passes across Torzhok District of Tver Region.

Design and estimate documentation for the Motorway has been developed. The Approvals of the FAA (Federal Autonomous Agency) Glavgosexpertiza of Russia No. 253-14/GGE-9034/04 dated March 07, 2014 and No. 261-14/GGE-9034/10 also dated March 07, 2014 regarding the design and estimate documentation, including validation of the estimated cost determination have been obtained.

Municipalities of Tver Region: Kalinin and Torzhok Districts
47,91 km
Estimated traffic density*:
26 880 vehicles per day
Motorway Class:
Number of traffic lanes:
Cost of Work under the Agreement (in prices of respective years, inclusive of VAT)**:**:
32,3 bln . ₽
State financing:
27,1 bln . ₽
Private financing:
5,2 bln . ₽
Contract type:
Long-Term Investment Agreement
Agreement Term:
23 years
Agreement Dates:
Construction Dates:
* Average value for the first 5 years of toll-based operation.
** The total project cost is RUB 34.2 bln (including the Customer’s costs of RUB 1.89 bln) excluding works performed earlier.
M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg , Stage 4

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