M-4 Don, km 517 — km 544 : Project Information Memorandum Presented

On September 24, "RHW" SC published the Information Memorandum of the Project providing for Construction, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of M-4 Don Expressway at the Section km 517 — km 544 in Voronezh Region (bypassing N. Usman and Rogachevka settlements).

This Motorway Section will comply with Class IA meaning a motorway with the rated speed of 150 km/h. The estimated traffic density will be 8,400-10,600 vehicles per day. Two multilevel junctions, 16 overpasses and 2 pedestrian crossings will be erected during the Section construction. The Motorway will have four traffic lanes and a median 6 m wide.

The 29.15 km Expressway Section will be constructed in two years (2014-2015). The total object construction cost is RUB 17.4 bln, including the state financing of RUB 15.5 bln and the Contractor’s investment of RUB 1.9 bln. The project will implement the life cycle contract model providing for the Contractor’s liability for the object quality within the entire period of the Long-Term Investment Agreement. The Agreement provides for the Contractor’s responsibilities to perform the construction site preparation and utilities relocation. 87 facilities shall be relocated, inter alia, 8 oil and gas pipelines, 23 power lines, 5 water supply and disposal systems, 51 communication elements.

Under the Agreement the Contractor shall maintain this Motorway Section. The toll collection system and automatic traffic control system will be operated and maintained, and the toll will be collected by an Operator engaged by the State Company. The Agreement Term shall be 22 years.

The Memorandum contains the main information on the project, which will be the basis for the Bidding Process to enter into the Long-Term Investment Agreement. The Public Procurement Notice is scheduled on October 21, 2013. The Winner shall be determined on December 10, 2013.