CRR (Central Ring Road), Startup Facility No. 1 : Public Procurement Notice

"RHW" SC announced the Open One-Stage Bidding Process for the Right to Enter into a Long-Term Investment Agreement on the Construction, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of the First Construction Section (the First Construction Phase) of Startup Facility 1 of Central Ring Road (CRR).

The Public Procurement Notice is available on the official website of the Russian Federation, on the electronic trading platform and the website of "RHW" SC.

Expressions of Interest will be received until December 3, 2013 12:00 midday. Once the bidding procedures provided for by the State Company’s Procurement Procedure are completed, the Long-Term Investment Agreement will be entered into with the Winner (the Agreement is to be signed at the end of December 2013).

The 49.5 km CRR Section (km 96 — km 146) to be constructed and operated in accordance with the Long-Term Investment Agreement passes across Domodedovo Urban District, Podolsk District of Moscow Region, Troitsk Administrative District of Moscow and Naro-Fominsk District of Moscow Region.

The first construction section of the first CRR Startup Facility will comply with Class IA (Expressway) and provide for construction of four traffic lanes, multilevel railway and motorway intersections, state-of-the-art junctions and other design and engineering solutions providing for the rated speed of 140 km/h. In the course of this Section construction four multilevel junctions, 14 bridges, 24 overpasses and three flyovers will be built.

The estimated traffic density will be 33,100-39,500 vehicles per day for the first three years of toll-based operation.

The Expressway Section will be constructed in four and a half years (2014-2018). Under the Long-Term Investment Agreement the total object construction cost is RUB 52.3 bln, including the state financing of RUB 45.62 bln and the Contractor’s investment of RUB 6.77 bln. The Agreement term shall be 23 years.